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{WALL}The Hotties
CM-design 7th Ver•feat TEEN TOP

Three wallpaper 'cuz I'm desperate to improve my graphic skill before university start soon.>.< I made them originally to celebrate L and Eli's birthday yesterday but end up making L.joe's too cuz I think he looks cute.LOL. Please use them if you want;credit white_snowy.
P/S: No icon. I'm lazy and frustrated with AFF. >.<


[GIFS] B.A.P Warrior ZELO
CM-design 7th Ver•feat TEEN TOP
Woot woot sheafe here. B.A.P finally release their MV and i so so like them.. especially ZELO!! So i just made ZELO gif only..mian..OTL. You can use it but make sure to credit it to sheafelic..kkkk that me..same name LOL


CM-design 7th Ver•feat TEEN TOP

Anyeong...*wave* EhyeFish@Fisha here
<-- seriously i dont know this guy but he is Ullzang.. his cute hehehe..
ok back.. after im toooo focus on POSTER, WALLPAPER, ICONS...well i do obsesses with Poster making. huhuhu but then one day i saw this site who make an challenge for COLORIZATION. I was like.. WTH is that? so i searching for a clue. ok, so i found the clue. but how to make them? easy GOOGLE lor.. so Colorization is The black and white picture need to be color but with your own coloring skill. I love color's that why this blog call colorful..hehehe so it take me about 2-4 weeks to learn it. since im busy with my own working days. Than waalaaa... my first try i send it for Colorization Challenge.. IM CRAZY?  hahaha just another challenge for me. so i send the entries. after a month. not actually a month a week i think. The result is out... and.. YESSS I got SILVER.. YEY FOR ME.. even though thats if my first time..huhuhu im so touch. Thanks to DREALITY VIOLINSTAR 
start from that time.. it didnt make me stop learning..D-uh. Im not so proud actually coz i still need alot of practice and fix the problem..

* this is my entries for DV challenge*

than again. i try to do colorization 'thing' this time i try T-ARA[Boram] and INFINITE [L]
OH GOD.. its not easy as u see. my eyes glue on my screen after i stare it with no blinking *ok i lie* but it need you to focus every detail and inches of the picture. I've hard time coloring Guy/Man picture than a girl.. but no worried i will try my best!! hwaiting!! *even thoug i still got alot of work*